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Capital Coach Line is well known for providing safe, enjoyable, affordable and schedule travel to nearly 60 000 passengers each year. Also Capital Coach Line offer a value-priced same-day and next-day package delivery cargo service.

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    Drivers receive continuously training to maintain and respect the National Safety Code standards for operating commercial vehicles

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    On every trip a stewardess will be part of the crew to ensure all the services. A courtesy meal and a drink is offered in each trip.

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    All of our buses are equipped with toilet, television, minibar, air conditioning and luggage compartment. The seats are reclinable and come with a seat belt.

What travelers say about their experience with us

Jean Lafontaine

I'm very impressed by the quality of the service from the comfort of the bus to the customer service of the employees

Lorena Espinosa

Great trip! I watch 2 movies and I was able to recharge my phone. Felt almost like a flight trip!

Roberto Galiendo

Every week we ship merchandise to Port-au Prince. The security and tracking of our merchandise are impeccable.

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