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Capital Coach Line does not only carry passengers, we also handle your parcels. Review the sections here below where you will find answers to your questions and our policy.

What’s the cost?
The shipment cost is based on weight. In general, the cost of shipment is 0.28$US per pound. Other factors are taken into account at the time of billing, such as volume, the kind of package, etc, to this amount, customs fees may apply.
What is the delivery time?
In general, packages are delivered the next day. If a package is posted 30 minutes before departure time, it is possible that it can leave and arrive the same day. However, all parcels posted less than 30 minutes prior departure time will depart the trip.
Terms and Conditions
Capital Coach Line does not guaranty time of delivery though we will do our best to send as fast as possible every parcel. The standard time for a delivery is one day. CCL is limited by the capacity of its buses and by the number of passengers traveling. Parcels are processed as FIFO and no express service is offered. When the sender deposits a parcel, he will sign a form agreeing the following terms :

  • Parcel services are not refundable.

  • CCL is not responsible for the damage or lost of parcels. Parcels must be claimed within 15 days of its arrival. In the contrary, the item will be put away. It is forbidden to ship weapons, bullets, explosives, drugs or all other illicit articles. The customer is responsible to have all his documents in order to ship or pick up parcels. CCL is not responsible for any requirements at the customs. The arrival time is not guaranty even if it has been confirm that the parcel is in transit.To retrieve a parcel, Capital Coach Line requires a valid ID and the signature of the form.
  • Boarder taxes

  • Capital Coach Line gives a full service for parcels delivery to their terminal. The money deposited for custom taxes are not revenues for Capital Coach Line but funds used exclusively for custom purposes. Capital Coach Line does not guaranty that customs charge or work the same way for every items. If a parcel is detained by customs, it is the owner’s responsibility to retrieve it and to comply with custom’s requirements.

Bus rental

For Safety, Dependability & a Name You Can Trust, Capital Coach Line!
Capital Coach Line is the only Haitian coach providing charter service. Our proven experience with different organisations (such as the Canadian Forces, Bresilian Brigade Peace Force, the Canadian Embassy, Nehemiah Vision Ministries, the United Nation Development Program, the Sélection haitienne de volleyball and more) puts us on top of the many options for travelling to the DR or to Haiti.

Our fleet of motor coaches follows a high maintenance schedule. Our drivers are well trained, experienced, professional and courteous. With over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, we have the expertise to accommodate your needs, large or small, efficiently, professionally and above all, safely!

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Let one of our coordinators personally work with you and your agenda to arrange your trip! We are standing by to help you.


We offer purchasing services from the DR to Haiti for any type of organization. From medical supply to auto parts, we have these items shipped to our station in Tabarre.

You can take advantage of our purchasing discounts in the Dominican Republic, take advantage as well as discounted shipment price and benefit from shipping priority.

All in four easy steps.

  • 1- Ask for a quote through our website by filling the form. Click here
  • 2- If the quote meets your requirements, you can than proceed with the payment and send us the voucher for approval.
  • 3- We then proceed with the purchase and make the shipment.
  • 4- Retrieve your merchandise at our station in Tabarre.