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Purchasing a Capital Coach Line ticket is not only affordable, but easy. We offer four easy ways to purchase a ticket:

I. Buy tickets online. We currently offer advance purchase in order to secure your travelling plans. Tickets can be sent by e-mail or purchased for pickup at the terminal. Online purchases are only accepted with Paypal offering a quick and sercure option for online payments. Online tickets must be purchased with at least 3 days prior to departure date. Note that processing the transaction may take up to 3 days. You will receive your e-ticket by e-mail. Please visit our FAQ section to know any immigration taxes to pay.

II. Buy tickets at a Capital Coach Line terminal. Capital Coach Line operates three terminals that are equipped to sell tickets and manage parcels. You can purchase tickets for travel in advance or for the next bus available. Capital Coach Line only accepts cash.

III. Buy tickets at a Capital Coach Line agency. In addition to our terminals, Capital Coach Line offers ticket sales at various travel agents. You can purchase tickets for travel in advance. The agencies accept cash, traveler's checks and major credit cards (this payment method is not available at all locations).

IV. Buy a ticket for someone else. You can purchase a ticket for someone else online or at our terminal. This ticket is delivered to the departure bus station, under the following criteria: The buyer pays a non-refundable gift ticket fee at time of purchase, regardless of number of tickets purchased. Buyer and recipient should allow 3 days from time of purchase to departure time to complete the transaction. Passport is required to pick up the ticket with the exact name as it appears on the passport.

When you buy a ticket in advance you secure your traveling plans. The day of travel, you must pass at the ticket counter in order to register, choose your seat, hand over your passport and pay customs and immigration taxes. Note that all reservations are cancelled 35 minutes prior departure time.


PP-SD-PP ROUTEDeparture from Tabarre (beside the American Embassy) at 8:00 am and 10:00 am. Time of arrival in Santo ...


PP-SD-PP ROUTEThe one-way tickets are $ 40 U.S. The round-trip tickets are $ 75 U.S.  * For groups rates (15 ...

Traveling by bus

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Traveling with children (International Route)

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Baggage Info

At Capital Coach Line, passengers are responsible for transferring their own bags. Baggage assistance is available at ...

Ticket policies

Tickets are not refundable. Tickets are not transferable. All reservations will be canceled 35 minutes before departure ...

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